If you can dream it...we can do it!!!

About Us

With experience in programming, on air, and sales across many major markets (Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and San Antonio); you know that ​Ron Samuels has the kind of experience that will be valued at your operation.
He is a team player and willing to take the extra steps needed to make your project great.

He has many skills in production, including but not limited to voice over credits for a number of national ads.  He is trained in digital audio production, several software programs, and automation (ENCO, NexGen, and Scott Studios).

The Services

Voice Acting

There is something about hearing a voice on the radio, TV or a podcast and being able to mentally see everything in your mind as you’re hearing it. 
Ron is one of a select few gifted enough to have that effect on you!


Ron creates a following, he’s someone with passion, someone the audience can feel!!!